Beekeeper Services

Small Group Class


Interested in keeping bees? Unsure where to start? Did the project quickly begin to overwhelm you? We can help you! We have Journeyman and Certified level beekeepers that can guide you through our hives for hands on teaching time, frame by frame, of what is in and around the hives. We will discuss management practices, feeding, bee selection, hive positioning, and tools of the trade to just name a few. We can help prepare you for your certification exam. We will not do any classes during inclement weather or October through March time frame as it is not best for our girls. Price is for one person, about 2 hours worth of hands on instructions. This rate is for groups of 3 or more, if more than 5 people, please email first

Participants must have: Protective clothing. This is to your comfort level. Jeans, boots, and a long sleeve shirt with a veil works fine. We do require at least a veil. We also recommend you bring yourself a drink and a snack. There is always some risk of being stung by bees when working in the hive. Any person on our property is responsible for making sure they are prepared in the event of a bee sting.

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