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Honey 1/2 pound Muth Jar


This looks almost to good to eat. This is a half pound of delicious golden honey in a classic glass muth jar with a cork top. We have added extra security with a tear away clear band on the top. All of our honey is non-heated, non-treated, and non-watered down. We only strain our honey through filters so that all that is left is the sweet goodness as nature intended. We add to all of our BBQ sauces, make our own honey mustard dipping sauce, and replace some of our granulated sugar in our recipes with the honey. Also try drizzling on some white cake for a healthier alternative instead of frosting.

Honey for allergies? Many people have had an improvement with their allergies but eating about 1 tablespoon of honey a day. Since we do not heat our honey, the natural pollen the bees have collected is still inside. This helps your body build an immunity to the pollen around you. This is not a medication, just a natural way to help find a balance.

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