Soap Classes

Mead Making Class-bring it home! 4/27 6pm-8pm


The location of this class may not be on the farm, but more central. Details to come.

Honey in your tea, honey on your toast, honey in your soap, and now honey in your glass!

If this date doesn’t work for you, just let me know! I can schedule classes on other dates. (Over 21 please)

This class goes over the history of mead making while we make up some of our own mead! We will go over basic principles of the fermentation process as we prepare a basic mead recipe. We will work with sterilizing the equipment, preparing the honey, adding the yeast, creating the must, and then you take it home and wait. Each participant will take home a small batch of the mead to finish fermenting at home. It takes 30-60 day for the mead to be ready to drink. This is an alcoholic beverage when complete, so be careful!! When we are making it, it is just honey and water. You get to watch your own honey turn into wine in the comfort of your own home.

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