About Our Products

If you have had a chance to read any of our product descriptions, you already know we use all natural ingredients. Why natural you may ask? Why is that so important? Simple, our bodies are natural. Our cells are designed to process natural ingredients. The more chemicals you use, the harder your body has to work to rid itself of them. Often, this leaves us with itchy,dry, cracked or blemishes on our skin. Give natural products a try and see the difference for yourself. 

We have carefully chosen all natural ingredients for all of our products. First, we purchase from reputable companies that deal in fair trade practices. Many of our products are shipped from other countries, and we want to make sure the people gathering these products are being adequately compensated. 

Second, We read the ingredient label.We read to make sure that fillers are not used and the products is 100% natural. This is very important for those essential oils. There are too many brands that use water and alcohols to stretch the oil.This can cause dry skin and allergy issues.

Third, we look for organic when available. Not all products are available that way but many are. To be classified as an organic product, regulations are in place to help monitor the growth and harvest of the product. When we find this option, we go for it!

Fourth, value. We look to save our dollars as well as yours. The best way to do this is to purchase in bulk. We have had so many happy customers, we have been able to purchase larger quantities to keep our prices very reasonable for handmade, natural products. 



dragons blood.jpg

Shea Butter

What it is: A plant derived moisturizer that is taken from the shea tree and a cold process refines it to a usable skin product 

Why we use it: Shea butter is rich in Vitamin A and has shown great healing and moisturizing abilities.The soft texture and scent make it ideal for all skin uses. 

Dragon’s blood

Dragons blood from the Dracaena draco tree from the Canary Islands its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, protective and rejuvenating effects. Dragon’s blood seems to be an especially popular choice for skin that been compromised by sun exposure, too much exfoliation, or just generally, skin that needs to have inflammation calmed down. In summary, good for wound healing!

Cocoa Butter

What it is: Cocoa butter from the cacao bean found in the cocoa pod that grows on the Cacao tree.The bean is wrapped in banana leaves until the vegetable fat is ready to harvest.

Why we use it: This material is high in fatty acids and antioxidants. This helps deter the free radical that can show aging, dark patches, and dry skin.



Sweet Almond Oil

What it is: Oil extracted from the sweet almond. This edible oil is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids,vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals. 

Why we use it: This oil is a gentle, clean, deep moisturizer that also can be used to treat dry skin conditions, dark spots, aging lines, and blemishes. Give your skin what it needs to take care of itself.

Coconut Oil

What it is: The white "meat" of the coconut is gathered, and we use only oil harvested with the cold process method to maintain the integrity of the healthy elements to, and pressed to release the beneficial oil.

Why we use it: The coconut oil has vitamin E and antioxidants as well as anti fungal and antibacterial properties that can clean, moisturize and improve the overall health of your skin. It also helps make the bar of soap a little harder so it will last longer. 


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Sunflower Oil

What it is: This oil is processed from the seeds of the sunflower. 

Why we use it: The oil contains vitamin E, palmitic acid, stearic acid,oleic acid, and linoleic acid that can promote wound healing, prevent free-radical skin aging, and provide beneficial moisturizing for the skin.



What it is: A natural food for the honey bee. The bees collect nectar and pollen from plants and bring back to the hive for a food source. We gather our honey for food for ourselves and also for our body products

Why we use it: Honey is antimicrobial and antioxidants. It also absorbs and retains moisture. Sterilized honey is used in hospitals for wound care, it is great for skin! Honey can take the moisture from the air to bring to your skin. Helps keep your skin glowing all day. 


Aloe Vera

What it is: Aloe vera is a cactus plant that can secret a clear gel type liquid and has been used for centuries for medicinal and skin purposes.

Why we use it: The nutritional properties mixed with the moisturizing properties promote skin healing. It also contains Auxin and Gibberellins which are hormones that reduce skin inflammation and promote faster healing, perfect for acne and skin blemishes. Antioxidants, vitamins E and C help fight signs of aging. 


Lavender Essential Oil:

What is is: A plant derived essential oil often used in aromatherapy and natural products.

Why we use it: First, it smells good. The relaxing benefits of the essential oil has been used for centuries. Second, it has antiseptic and anti fungal properties that help minimize scarring, blemishes, and can promote circulation to the area. This can help the area appear younger and better nourished.  


Orange Essential Oil

What is it: It is oil expressed from the orange using cold process method. 

Why we use it? The uplifting aroma could be reason enough to use orange essential oil but we know more than that. It can promote collagen production and circulation to the area.


Lemongrass Essential Oil

What it is: It is an herb native of India and Sri Lanka. 

Why we use it: This oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties as well as being an astringent. This oil can help reduce blemish causing issues on the skin as well has refining pores. 


Neroli Essential Oil

What it is: Derived from the white blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Originally from Italy. 

Why we use it: It has a pleasant floral scent that promotes skin elasticity, prevents scarring, and can balance the oils of your skin thus reducing blemishes. 


Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

What it is: The oils is expressed from the long leaves of the Eucalyptus tree, mainly from Australia.

Why we use it: The properties of this oil are anti inflammatory, antispasmodic,decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, anti bacterial and stimulating. We love how it smells with being absorbed easily in the skin without leaving the skin oily.  


Emu Oil

What it is: This oils is process from the Emu when it is process for food. 

Why we use it: The fatty acids of this oil are so very much alike that of humans that our body uses it as if it was our own. The fatty acids are needed to build cell membranes. This oil does not clog pores, non allergenic and moisturizing. It gives your skin the extra building blocks it needs to repair damaged or difficult to moisturize skin.