Will heat effect my soap? I left it in the car!!

Does the heat effect the soap? Sure it does! But it doesn't mean the soap is ruined.Our soap is all natural, so there are no chemicals keeping it together. Extreme heat will soften the soap. Bring it back to your home, which hopefully is cooler and your soap will be fine. Even if it completely melts, pour into a container and it will again harden as it cools. It will still clean and moisturize great!

How long is my soap good for?

Our all natural soap are rested for at least 4 weeks before it is available for sale.Over time you can expect the soap to become more hard over time. You can keep this soap for 8 months to a year and still keep the moisturizing benefits. Overtime, the bubbles or lather may decrease, but in exchange you will find the bar will become harder and longer lasting. 

What does "all natural"mean?

All natural can be a very ambiguous term. During my research to make the soap I found that some companies use that term very loosely. When we say "all natural" we mean that each and every ingredient in our soap and body products come from a natural source. We don't use a couple of ingredients and then use the rest of the recipe with cheap chemical that no one can pronounce. We use organic when possible and pure raw ingredients for everything else.  With that in mind, you will not see bright vibrant colors in any of our soap. Natural colors fade over time. It is a trade off, but we feel is well worth it. 

Yes we offer samples at markets if you can give us a heads up before hand. We do not offer samples to bloggers and such. We are very much happy to reciprocate reviews left on our site. Please enjoy our products and let us know! We would love to hear from you.  

Do you offer samples?

The key to to making our soap last is to not let it sit in water. Being all natural, the soap will rinse cleanly off of you. This is perfect for sensitive skin types. The downside, is it will rinse cleanly down the drain. Keep you soap in a soap dish or rack, basically dry between uses and your soap should last longer. Ours last for a month or longer in our showers. 

How long will my soap last?

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