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Nuc Colony of Bees *NO SHIPPING*


** NUC Update** We would be happy to add people to the wait list for this year and we can see what we can do!! Our estimated date of readiness would be May 5th. We are working hard on quality, locally bred queens. Queens are on a short supply throughout the country this season and is causing some hiccups. We know you want to start working your bees and we are working hard to get that happening sooner or later. Thank you for your patience.

It is that time of year to think ahead to the Spring time. Spring is the best time to start your colony of bees. We have tried packages of bees before, but love the results when starting with a strong nucleus colony. The mini colony will have a laying queen, 4 deep frames of comb with honey, pollen and eggs. This will give you a head start on package bees. Nucleus colonies will be in limited supply on a first come, first serve basis. These will be Italian and Carniolan bees hybrid. 

Please note************** The pick up day for the colonies will be towards the middle of April. Probably a Friday or Saturday. These must be picked up that day. Any colony not picked up will be offered to the next person on the wait list. No refunds will be given. We ask for an email and a phone number to be kept up to date about the time to pick up the colonies. Shipping is NOT an option for the safety of the bees. 

We recommend when installing the colonies as soon as possible. When installing in your hive we have found that alternating a frame from the nuc box with a frame of yours will help the bees learn to expand to the box. We always keep the brood/eggs in the center. We also offer feed when blooms are not present. 

Click here for our video on installing a nuc colony.

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