How can we all help save our planet?

Reuse Glass Bottles

One of our most popular methods of reducing waste is have a return bottle program. Customers can return their glass bottles to use for a discount on their next purchase. We heat sanitize the bottles and refill! Less waste and beautiful packaging.

Reuse Packaging

We save the filling on our own deliveries for use when sending out our online orders. So if you order online from us you may see a mix of packing material. We want you to receive your items in one piece but we also want to keep as much waste out of the landfills as possible.


Bubble wrap and honeycomb?

Bubble wrap

.Bubble wrap is one of the best ways to protecting the glass honey jars for shipping. We reuse bubble wrap sent to us so that we are not adding to waste. Reuse is a great way to keep items from the landfill. When the bubble wrap is getting well used, We can use it in our soap molds for a lovely Honeycomb affect.

Bulk Purchasing

You may have noticed yourself. You buy one item and the packing is the same as when you buy 3. Same goes for us.When we buy in bulk, we order by the pallet. Less trips from delivery trucks wasting full, Less individual packing materials, Less boxes, less labels, less plastic tape.


From using all natural beekeeping practices, strong genetics in our bees, and making our products a wise choice for the environment help us, help you, help our planet.