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Cinnamon Creamed Honey 8 oz Jar


Simply delicious. Honey and Cinnamon, that is all there is to this delectable sweet treat. This is our wonderful honey that has been carefully crystallized to form small, smooth beads that melt on your tongue. We use only organic cinnamon to add a punch of flavor to the sweet honey. This is perfect as a treat to yourself, on toast, on sweet potatoes, sweet rolls, biscuits, or anything you make that would benefit from the the yummy sweetness. Perhaps you prefer the extra flavor to your morning coffee. Just add a scoop to suit your taste. 

Since this is not liquid honey, it can be scooped and spread just like jam or jelly. All natural honey will crystallize over time, as when it does, the crystals will copy the ragged shape of the pollen and granules found in the honey. This can make your jar of honey, almost feel rock hard. A warm water bath will help liquefy your honey once again. We take naturally crystallized honey, grind it until very tiny and smooth and use that for the honey to pattern itself while it crystallizes. The results area  splendid, spreadable and scoop-able version of honey without the drippy mess. The honey is still very natural, unfiltered, and not brought to temperatures that would ruin the beneficial pollens found in the honey.

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cincreamedhoney (1).JPG