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Handcrafted Felted Soap


This bar of soap is so much fun! We have taken our all natural Milk and Honey soap with Lavender essential oils and carefully wrapped the bar in all natural sheep's wool. We then felt the wool to create a naturally anti-microbial cover over the soap. This cover is now a gentle exfoliator for you that is soft and comforting. The cover is also a clever way of protecting the bar of soap so it will last longer, keeping every bit of unused soap from going down the drain.

Are you done with the bar of soap? Have pieces of other soap laying around? Cut a small opening in the felted cover after the bar is gone and tuck inside your scraps of previous soap to the be able to use them completely.

To care for this soap, like our other natural soap, please keep dry between uses. We place ours on a soap dish in the shower.

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felted soap pic.JPG

Additional Info

This is a short video demonstration of how to use the felted soap, it lathers up so nicely! Only about 45 seconds long for easy viewing.